Lovely Day! We look forward to seeing you at Olson’s Greenhouses’ retail center, Lovely Day Gardens

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Fall Product

Lovely day is stocked with beautiful fall flowers and fall accompaniments throughout September and October.

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Spring Product

Lovely Day sells complete lines of annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies.

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All About Us

Lovely Day Gardens is a retail garden center located roadside at Olson’s Greenhouses in Raynham, MA. Almost every potted plant and flower we offer has been grown onsite. This allows our friendly and knowledgeable staff to continually fill Lovely Day’s greenhouse with the widest selection  and best varieties of the freshest flowers available.

Retail Garden Center in Raynham, MA


Lovely Day is the ONLY direct retail outlet for Olson’s Greenhouses.

Lovely Day is the ONLY direct retail outlet for Olson’s Greenhouses, a large wholesale greenhouse grower of potted annuals and perennials. Lovely Day has the ability to bring in plants directly from 6 (six) acres of greenhouses on the same location. This allows you, the customer, to procure super healthy potted flowers from the massive selection of varieties grown by Olson’s Greenhouses. Also, and even more so importantly, the potted plants and flowers we sell experience NO STRESS.  When a plant has no stress put on it from the picking, handling, racking and trucking, the consumer is able to bring home a healthier, higher quality potted flower. These two huge advantages bring an unsurpassed quality in the flowers you are able to purchase from Lovely Day Gardens.

Value Statement to Our Customers

We add value to your retail experience by providing a knowledgeable staff readily able to assist our customer in any manner needed. Our flowers and plants are the freshest and finest quality you can find at any other garden center or big box retailer. We pride ourselves on being a direct farm to consumer local business.

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